Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 99, 9/4/2012 -- Bemco Day!

After getting our first round of components to Bemco test set up last night, basically everything was ready to go this morning when we got in. We had a few small issues setting up the CSBF programmable load, but once those kinks were ironed out, the test started and ran smoothly all day. Unfortunately, since the monitoring software for the Bemco doesn't record temperatures, and because we had to record temperatures from three disparate sources (Bemco thermocouples on a computer screen, AD590 temperature sensors read out via CANBus by one of the housekeeping boards inside the power crate, and the onboard temperature sensors on the HWP DfMUX boards read out via webpages over Ethernet), we had to record data by hand every 10-20 minutes. Kyle took on the task of babysitting the test, which lasted for about 5 hours.

During that time, I continued packing the things I could. I got the second Knaack box closed up and in its shipping container (with Kyle's help to maneuver it inside the container), and once the Bemco testing was done I finished packing up the bolometer readout hardware for its trip to Montreal for some timing debugging and the HWP crate for shipment to the ice. Tomorrow promises to be a long day, with another long Bemco test overseen by Kyle as well as a fair amount of packing things into containers.


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