Saturday, December 7, 2013

Recovery Epilogue

Talking with a few people reminded me that I never updated the blog after the recovery. We were crazy busy packing up after we came back from the field camp so staying up and making a blog post was pretty low on my agenda, and then after I got back I had, frankly, better things to do.

Long story short -- we got everything back! The conditions ranged from cold but reasonable (-10C, no wind) to bitterly cold and miserable (-40C and 12-14 knot winds) -- luckily only two days had serious wind, and the second one was on our last full day there where we were basically almost done already and only had a few hours of work left to do. On the other days, though, we were working ~12 hour days and just trying to stay warm.

I'm going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking (60,000 words worth, if the old adage is to be believed).

EBEX Recovery Photos

This is the last installment of EBEX In Flight for a while. We're working on analyzing data, and eventually the team will apply for more funding to fly an upgraded version of EBEX. So look for the next installment of EBEX In Flight, coming to an Internet near you in 2016 or later!