Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 0, 10/22/2012 -- Prologue to Antarctica

Well, everyone, it's time. At this very moment, the first members of the EBEX team are on their way to McMurdo base in Antarctica by way of Christchurch, New Zealand. It's a long trip -- about 32 hours for the Minnesota team and 36 for the Columbia team; having left today, they won't arrive in Christchurch until the evening of Wednesday, the 24th (NZ time). I myself will be leaving tomorrow; as usual, I will endeavor to provide daily updates on the team's progress along with pictures of our experience. I think it will be an exciting adventure, hopefully culminating in a successful ~10 day flight circumnavigating the Antarctic continent and eventual recovery of the payload.

As you may have noticed, I've updated the blog color scheme to reflect our new situation -- nearly white with a tinge of blue, in honor of our upcoming icy home and its permanent austral summer daylight below the Antarctic circle.

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