Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 7, November 10, 2013 -- Heading out tomorrow?

It's been a pretty uneventful ~week since the last post. Michele and I made it down to McMurdo on Wednesday and have spent the time since then getting our stuff prepared for our trip out to the recovery site. This involved meeting with our field team, James and Nicky, both experienced Antarctic field workers, to coordinate various things as well as getting all of our materials ready. Besides the tools we brought down, we also had to get into one of the containers to retrieve some recovery supplies we had left down here last season.

Our current plan is to take a Twin Otter from McMurdo to Mario Zucchelli Station (the Italian Antarctic base at Terra Nova Bay) and then make two trips from MZS to our landing site. Right now we are scheduled to leave in the morning, assuming the weather here, at MZS, and at the site cooperate. The Italian Pisten Bully will show up a day or two later to deal with the skiway grooming.

And tonight I'll be giving the weekly McMurdo public science lecture -- with the uncertainty at the beginning of the season, previously-made plans were unmade and they were left scrambling for a last-minute replacement. So now they're stuck with me!

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