Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1 launch attempt

Well, we're here at the high bay again getting ready for another launch attempt.

0208h local:
We've got the gondola out the door, the baffles in place, and the flight suspension hardware on. The CSBF team is working on installing the crush pads. Things are going more quickly this time around -- amazing what a dry run will do.

0234h local:
Waiting...just hanging out outside the building before rolling out to the pad. People are very relaxed this time around.

0251h local:
Pi ball launched and indicates low-level winds are lower than yesterday.

0305h local:
Delay now is in figuring out which direction to lay out the balloon.

0326h local:
Rolling out to the pad.

0356h local:
Out on the pad, balloon truck is out, helium trucks are out. Current plan is for hands-off at 0430h, and CSBF is going to start unrolling the balloon then.

0420h local:
We are hands-off. All of our pre-flight checklists are done. The balloon crate is out by the balloon truck. Plan is to open it around 5AM and start laying it out.

0523h local:
Still haven't opened the balloon crate. There was some concern about wind direction, which now seems to be fine. There's some concern about the winds at ~400 ft, which were a little stronger than the winds at 1000 ft.

0530h local:
Winds have picked up...11 knots at 500 feet and 18 knots at 1000. Too fast to launch, but we're going to wait a while longer and see what happens. If they go down...

0619h local:
Low-level winds haven't died down. We're scrubbed.

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