Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Launch attempt 3 -- third time's the charm?

0315h local:
We showed up around 0215h for roll-out today. We're getting much quicker with the pre-launch prep. As of right now, the gondola is out the door, baffles are ready, and we're hanging from Big Bill. We're waiting on the wind direction to stabilize before we roll out to the pad.

0327h local:
Put up the pictures from yesterday's attempt at:

0340h local:
Bill Stepp came by and told us there was a problem with one of the terminate package's squib -- either the one that separates the balloon from the payload or the one that separates the parachute from the balloon after landing. It'll take an hour to swap out...so we're stuck until then. We're watching Flight of the Conchords in the conference room to pass the time.

0440h local:
We're moving out to the pad. Still a question on wind direction, and the CSBF weather crew is being hampered by inoperational radar at Cannon AFB. But we have to try...

0522h local:
Still haven't moved out. And it is cold in here today. Brr.

0627h local:
A front is moving through, and there's a possibility of a lull in the winds after it passes, so we're still waiting.

0655h local:
Officially scrubbed, again.

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