Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 30, 4/24/09 -- EBEX in Flight, early edition

Tonight, we're planning on doing a full outdoor test of the gondola's attitude control system, so some of us have come back to try and get a little rest before heading back to the high bay to meet up with the NASA peeps.

Jeff learned how to operate our cherry picker so he could replace some bolts on the triangle support that we installed yesterday. I saw the launch vehicle driving around this morning in preparation for activities tonight.

We (meaning Will and the NASA guys) were able to get our computers talking with the NASA equipment -- a critical interface needed for flight. Not only that, we can now send commands from our computers wirelessly, and receive data from the transmitters as well! Pretty sweet, if I do say so.

Just a few pictures today (so far, I'll probably get a lot more tonight). Bonus video of the launch vehicle driving around!

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