Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 6, 3/31/09 -- If I see a "goat for sale" sign...

Jeff is, for some reason, obsessed with goats. He would like to own one and milk it. I just smile and nod.

The high bay is getting more crowded. On Monday, more of the CSBF crew arrived from Palestine, TX, and now they've started setting up in a heretofore unused corner of the high bay. In addition, three more EBEX team members arrived late tonight from Minneapolis and Montreal.

Today in the high bay was fairly relaxed. Jeff did some work on the half-wave plate stuff and fixing some threaded holes in some hexapod parts. Britt and Michele continued their heroic efforts flight-readying the flight computer crate while Daniel and Joy routed cables around the gondola. At the end of the day, we mounted the hexapod for the primary mirror onto the inner frame along with some extra weight to simulate the mirror. Maybe tomorrow, the secondary hexapod will go on?

In other news, I received a snazzy lens for the Fuji S3 Pro digital SLR that I'm borrowing from my little brother. On loan from my mom, this 70-200mm f/2.8 ED VR lens is AMAZING. I can't wait to try some night sky shots with it. Using a camera and lens like this makes me REALLY want a DSLR. Unfortunately, the lens alone is $1700. Ouch.

Our phone line in the high bay was installed today as well -- about an hour too late for our two conference calls. It will definitely beat having to huddle around a cell phone on speaker for conference calls in the future.

The best part about today, apart from the awesome lens arriving, was that Milligan, Jeff, and I moved into our new digs on Real Wind Drive in Old Fort Sumner. Not only that, we held a little dinner party to inaugurate -- I grilled up some steaks topped with crumbled blue cheese, Jeff made some delicious potatoes, and Michele made a great tomato and mushroom sauce to go with some not-so-great store-bought pasta. Regardless, it was the best dinner I've had yet here in Fort Sumner. I think I'm going to like living in a house rather than a motel. We might even have internets by the end of the week.

We have a couple more leads on non-motel housing as well. It turns out that if you need anything, the person to talk to is Dorothy Moyer who works here at the airport. Within a day of Britt telling her that we were looking, she came with two or three contacts who had places available. The plan is to have everyone who's more-or-less here for the duration of the campaign in real housing, while those who are here on a shorter-term basis can make do at the Super 8.

Bonus video in the picture album today!

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