Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 32, 4/25 -- The calm before the storm

Since the detectors are still cold, Dan and others spent a lot of today doing calibration tests. I'm happy to report that they were able to get all of the major tests done -- another big milestone, and what will hopefully be a big part of Dan's thesis! Great job, Dan.

I spent most of today thinking about the baffles -- mostly, how are we going to attach all of this crazy crap to the gondola and have it not fall apart. We have a plan, and some of the last bits of material will be ordered shortly.

I also spent some time today playing around with Google Analytics. I had set up an Analytics account for this blog a few days after I started it but then forgot completely until I was reminded by a post over at Uncertain Principles. With it, we found out that Jeff's mom not only checks this blog from work but also from their cabin (hi Jeff's mom!), and someone from Estonia has come (once). Also, apparently some of the CSBF people in Palestine, TX read the blog too. I was, uh, just kidding about having driven the forklift...

No pictures today. But tomorrow, we put the cryostat and gondola together (for the 2nd time), and then things get really fun. Stay tuned...

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