Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 30, 4/24/09 Part 2 -- Day 30 Strikes Back!

After going home to try and get some rest (and failing miserably, on my part), we went back to the high bay to help the gondola/ACS crew roll the experiment out and have it picked up and deposited away from the building to calibrate sensors and do scan tests.

I should point out that this is HUGE. This is the first time EBEX has ever been outside. It's the first time we have all of the sensors. It's the first time we're talking to EBEX and having it do things over the flight telemetry link.

Jeff and I went back mainly for manpower support. I ended up driving our articulated boom arm to make the crane connections/disconnections because it's way easier to get that thing in place than NASA's bucket lift. And, of course, we took lots of pictures. The new pictures in today's album were taken by me, Britt, Joy, and Jeff.

Check 'em out:

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