Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 87, 8/23/2012 -- Odds and Ends, part 2

This morning I drove Kyle to Dallas so he could go home for a weekend trip he had planned for some time. While I was gone, Jeff managed to get the BTS completely disassembled while Michele did a test of one of our two solar arrays (the second will happen tomorrow).

After I returned from Dallas in the afternoon, Jeff did a "quick" test that will help us be confident of the optics and polarization alignment in Antarctica where we won't be able to do scans of a polarized source on a water tower. When I say "quick", I mean, of course, it took 4 hours, but that's not bad for a test whose barest idea was the only thing that existed before today -- we worked out all the details, did the entire setup, and took all the data in those 4 hours. A nice productive way to end the day.


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