Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 92, 8/28/2012 -- Warm it up, Kris

Another busy day in the high bay as we prepare to pack up and ship the experiment to the ice. First Kevin and I took a little bit more data through our downlink system at various rates while scanning to get a handle on how to deal with our signals as we will see them. Then, I regripped the half-wave plate and boiled off the rest of the helium in the tank. In order to warm up the instrument as quickly as possible, we then refilled the tank with liquid nitrogen to bring it up to 77K nearly immediately. The internals of the system (the lenses and detectors, mostly) still have to warm up, so we left it at 77K for the rest of the night.

We then removed all of the detector readout electronics and associated hardware from the gondola in preparation for the removal of the cryostat tomorrow and the disassembly of the inner/outer frame.

No pictures today, and likely not many for the next few days -- we're facing a pretty tight shipping deadline for our large shipping container (Friday!) and it has to have ALL of the large gondola items in it before it leaves. I'll try, though!

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