Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 95, 8/31/2012 -- Break it down

Today Kyle and I opened up the cryostat and started the disassembly and shipping preparations for the cold stuff -- removing SQUID controller boards, SQUID mounting boards, the instrument insert, and the half-wave-plate system. Kyle spent most of the afternoon then disassembling the instrument RF-shielded wiring towers while I disassembled and packed the half-wave-plate system.

On the north side of the high bay, the Columbians were hard at work packing up all of their stuff to be packed into shipping containers. In the afternoon, Britt was able to piggyback on one of the CSBF Bemco tests and verify that the new power system isolation diodes were sufficiently-well heatsunk -- and they were, to the tune of a 60-degree safety margin!


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