Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 89, 8/25/2012 -- Packing begins

Kind of another grab bag of things going on today -- we have started to do some packing in earnest today, loading some of the larger crates (mirrors, in particular) into the CSBF cubical sea shipping containers. Michele also completed the removal of the LCS from the gondola -- it's basically at the bare minimum in terms of the hardware needed to do a realistic flight simulation.

Speaking of flight simulations, the bolo crew attempted another "launch/ascent" simulation today after the fridge cycle ended. Today's was more successful, but was hindered by our downlink software crashing often. This turned out to have been a disk issue, and replacing the downlink relay computer's hard drive with a fast solid-state drive seems to have fixed the issue.

We found another issue, though, possibly caused by our poking around in the power crate yesterday to fix the heater problem, so we have to investigate a little more tomorrow.


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