Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 39, December 2, 2012 -- Outdoor action

Today we had a few items on the agenda. First, we had a successful overnight automated fridge cycle, giving us confidence that our heater commanding woes are finally behind us. Another task was to work on the baffling, and secure some of the eccosorb millimeter-wave absorber onto the inner frame where it had started falling off. Jeff and I spent a few hours up there drilling holes and carefully tying the eccosorb up. In addition, in the morning Kyle, Michele, and Andrei shifted some of the balancing weights on the cryostat to a more favorable position to ease the strain on our linear actuator, which was nearing its limits.

The afternoon was devoted mostly to outdoor tests. First we Kevin and Kate tested which detectors we could bias into their superconducting transition for us to use during other tests. After a few hours of that, we gave the gondola over to Chappy and Joy to do more sun sensor calibration.

While we were outdoors, BLAST-Pol was also outside doing compatibility testing. While they didn't finish their testing before weather forced them back inside, I did take the opportunity to get some pictures of both payloads out in the sun!


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