Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 41, December 4, 2012 -- Scheduling

One of the major challenges in working on an experiment as complex as EBEX is that all of the people in charge of the major subsystems vie for time when they can have the experiment all to themselves. Naturally, this sometimes presents conflicts, and we have to think a lot about order of operations when prioritizing what work should happen when.

One of these situations occurred yesterday during my day off when a plan was made, but an important calibration test was neglected in the planning. So, of course, the plans have to change, and it takes an hour to sort everything out, but in the end we have a new plan that hopefully will work out for everyone.

Today, one of the first tasks was to cut access panels in the BTS for Franky so he could access the BRO crates more easily. After that was done (which took the better part of the morning), Franky finished in 10 minutes a task he tried for an hour to do yesterday unsuccessfully. In the afternoon, we gave the gondola over to Chappy and Joy for more scan tests. We also got hardware set up for the aforementioned calibration test we are now planning to do tomorrow morning.

Toward the end of the day, the weather took a turn for the worse and we were told we needed to leave the high bay early (4:30PM instead of 5:30) in order to avoid being stuck out at LDB all night. Michele, however, is in snow survival school, so he is getting the true Happy Camper experience.


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