Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 49, December 12, 2012 -- Ear surgery

One thing I didn't mention in yesterday's post is that one of EBEX's large 'ear' baffles suffered some damage as a result of yesterday's wind that picked up and precipitated the end of our far sidelobe test. Today we assesed the damage with the help of some of the CSBF crew. They ended up taking over the task of fixing the ear for us (which is awesome) and we will be ready to start re-mylarizing it tomorrow!

In addition to the ear fixes, we focused on preparing the experiment for its compatibility test tomorrow, one of the last hurdles to overcome before we declare flight readiness.

Also, despite what Picasa told me about being out of space, Google has apparently consolidated its Picasa and Google Drive storage and now I have 5GB of shared storage between them -- plenty for the rest of this campaign and then some. So all of my pictures are now back on my original Picasa account.


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