Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 53, December 16, 2012 -- Mechanical day

Today we worked on tying up various 'mechanical' and gondola loose ends on the experiment. I spent a fair bit of time atop the cryostat with increasingly less and less room to work for finishing the last bits necessary for the double window mechanism, sealing off the inner frame area around the window for the last time, and filling nitrogen.

Michele and Seth spent most of the day debugging a mysterious battery issue that cropped up late yesterday. The end result is that everything is fine, but it gave us quite a scare when the entire attitude control and flight computer side of the gondola just shut down suddenly as we were rolling in from our compatibility test. Jeff finished with all of the silver teflon work and repainted a star camera baffle, Andrei checked our liquid cooling system coolant, Ben worked on closing up the BRO crates and the access panels for the BROs, etc, etc. Lots of little and not-so-little tasks getting checked off our pre-flight-readiness checklist.

No pictures today.

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