Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 12, 6/8/2012 -- Break

Today was a bit of a change for us -- we all went in to the high bay at the normal time, but the UMN crew had very little to do as we wait for the cryostat to pump out. After taking care of a few odds and ends, the three of us (Jeff, Kyle, and myself) left the high bay while Franky and KyleH stayed to continue working on DfMUX board stuff.

We dropped Kyle off at the Redlands so he could do laundry and chill out while Jeff and I took a day trip to Tyler. Like last year, we visited the Caldwell Zoo, a modest but well-curated zoo in the heart of Tyler. While their lions and giraffes seemed to be MIA today, we got to see some fairly active white tigers and a number of other interesting beasts. After the zoo we headed to the downtown Tyler area which is surprisingly cute, with a reasonable number of shops and whatnot surrounding a central square. On the way back out from Tyler, we stopped at one of the ubiquitous roadside barbecue joints and got our brisket on.


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