Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 34, 6/30/2012 -- more of the same

Today was more of the same -- After refilling the cryostat's helium, Jeff and I did more polarized Ebert-Fastie scans (at both 150 and 250 GHz), the Columbia crew did more painting of ACS bits in preparation for environmental testing in the CSBF Bemco test chamber, and the Kevins did more work characterizing the array. The Kevins, in particular, have switched to a somewhat later shift in order to get some quality time with the array when we aren't taking receiver calibration data. KyleH started doing some setup work for the sun sensors, pictures of which can be seen in today's album.

As a bonus, I took a short video of the EBEX HWP motor spinning. Ok, it's not that exciting, and the white balance is off, but it's only 8 seconds so it's not much of a commitment:


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