Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 13, 6/9/2012 -- Nitrogen

Today's big event was flipping the cryostat over and starting the cooldown process. After flipping, we first unloaded a whole 160L dewar's worth of liquid nitrogen (minus boiloff over the past week or so) into the nitrogen tank. The next 160L dewar's contents went into the helium tank. A third was then emptied, and a fair amount from a fourth was then used to finish filling the LN2 tank. The helium tank was left with about 28" worth of helium, or about 90 liters of its full 130L volume. Most of this will boil off over the next ~2 days as the cryostat cools down, after which the remainder will be pumped into the LN2 tank in preparation for the helium fill.

Aside from that...a pretty slow day. I did some administrative stuff for our upcoming Antarctica trip while Kyle helped Franky with some clock cables (erroneously referred to as "timing cables" in the last post) to help debug some issues with the DfMUX clock distribution.


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