Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 6, 6/2/2012 -- Saturday in the high bay

Those familiar with this blog will recall that weekends don't really exist for us when we're in the field -- every day is a high bay day, and today is no exception. Kyle continued assembling the instrument, working in particular on mounting the other focal plane, while Jeff continued work on the HWP subsystem. Franky kept plugging away at DfMUX board heatsinking and setting up the readout system, and I finished up refitting the o-rings in the double window system and flight-readying some cables that were decidedly not flight ready before (no strain reliefs, no chafe protection). I also ended up machining some parts for Jeff -- new mounts for the LEDs and photodiodes used in the optical encoder system for the HWP:

By the end of the day, we reached a point where we are ready to install and start aligning optics in the instrument and start installing HWP system components into the cryostat. Not bad progress for a "weekend".


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