Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 10, 6/6/2012 -- Pumpin', Pumpin'

The cryostat is closed! We did the last measurements and installed the optics stack filters and window in the morning, Jeff ran the last of the half-wave-plate checks before noon, we installed the instrument around noon, installed SQUIDs and connected cables in the afternoon, and got the shells closed early evening. Right now the roughing pumps are humming away.

During the afternoon, we were visited by a news correspondent from KLTV, a local TV station based out of nearby Tyler, TX. The correspondent chatted with us, took some video of us working on the instrument, and sat down with me for an interview where she, of course, asked about the truck saga as well as the science behind what we're trying to accomplish with EBEX. It was fun, and I'll add a link to the online video when I have it.

Pictures from today:

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