Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 36, 7/2/2012 -- Bemco day!

Today's big event (for us) was the ACS team testing a whole bunch of stuff in CSBF's Bemco environmental test chamer that replicates the conditions during various phases of the flight. Despite a slow start, they managed to get all of their testing done in one day, which means they can now start putting the gondola back together.

On the receiver side, Jeff and I continued to do polarized Ebert-Fastie scans. We need statistics, sue us.

The other big news around the base is that one of the other payloads, BLAST-Pol, showed up. One of the early BLAST (pre -Pol) blogs was my inspiration for doing an EBEX blog, and now they're just across the building from us in the west high bay (sadly, where the badminton court was). In addition, EBEX's gondola design is in some ways derived from BLAST's, so don't be surprised if you see similarities between the two in the pictures.


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