Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 51, 7/17/2012 -- Mirror, mirror, on the...gondola?

Today was another insanely productive day. Jeff and I aligned the primary mirror mount in the morning, Franky and others were able to mount all of the detector readout cabling in their metallic 'dryer hoses' (which currently look pretty terrible since we didn't see the point in mangling fresh ones and having to replace them again in Antarctica), Jeff, Michele, Kyle, KyleH, Britt, and I mounted both mirrors, Kyle routed and secured the dryer hoses so they wouldn't interfere when the gondola tilts down in elevation, and Jeff and I installed and measured the position of an inclinometer atop the cryostat to be used in the polarization rotation calibration test. And then Amber's husband grilled dinner for everyone!

Not bad for a day's work.

Cynthia left Palestine today to return to MN to teach a summer course, so we're a little shorthanded at the moment.


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