Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 45, 7/11/2012 -- Nearing full integration

Today I managed to take some crucial data, that of our polarization modulation efficiency -- how well does our receiver act as a polarimeter. Pretty darn well, it turns out! But I spent too much time in the morning trying to get some spectral data on one of our 410GHz detectors without much luck -- hopefully Kyle will have success doing scans during the late shift.

Britt and Michele successfully tested our elevation actuator and our inner frame lock pin actuator in the Bemco. The power system (charge controllers, batteries, and power distribution boxes) are on the agenda for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will also likely be the final day of cryostat-only tests -- we're hoping to have the cryostat put on the gondola by the end of the week!

No pictures today (I was too busy!).

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