Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 55, 7/21/2012 -- High and low

In order to manage gondola time more effectively, Franky and I are shifting to an 'early' schedule where we get in to the high bay around 7AM (rather than 9AM as we had been previously). This allows Franky more time to mess with detectors after the end of the night's scanning at ~6AM, and means I get to go up on the tower and bring down our fragile and expensive millimeter-wave source before the temperature starts rising.

So after an invigorating climb up the water tower, I set about doing some gondola work -- I managed to install the set of brackets for the second power box and the battery tables underneath the gondola, necessitating a lot of crawling around on the floor and drilling holes. Once Jeff came in in the afternoon, we also took a set of mirror position measurements to see if they are actually where they should be after having aligned the mirror mounts.

Franky was able to recover a fair number more detector combs, so we have nearly our full complement of detectors available for testing. There are thunderstorms tonight, so there likely won't be any scanning tonight. However, the night crew has some other tests they can do, so it's not a wasted night.


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