Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 54, 7/20/2012 -- SIPpin' on gin and juice

Today our Science Instrumentation Package, or SIP, was moved into the high bay to prepare for integration with EBEX. The SIP is our interface to the experiment, handing things like command uplink and data downlink (over a variety of different protocols: line-of-sight biphase, TDRSS satellite relay, and Iridium satellite) as well as a small number of high-reliability hardware on/off comands and all of CSBF's payload telemetry. As this is a new SIP, there will be a bit of testing first before it gets installed on the gondola.

After Franky finished investigating some SQUID issues in the morning, we cycled the fridges again (yesterday's cycle didn't last long due to the need to keep the temperature warm for a long period of time for debugging). I made a cable to connect a set of ground batteries to the EBEX bolo power system so we can run the detectors off of cleaner power than the switching power supply that we currently use. I also did a little bit of work on the power system filter box, but found I was missing some connectors Linkthat I need in order to put it together for reals (since ordered!). Britt worked on more parts for the flight power system as well.

The plan for the evening is to take a first cut at doing beam maps. The source will be mounted up on the tower tonight, and the night crew will try and find a detector so they can set levels (to avoid saturation) and hopefully do some first beam maps.


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