Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 57, 7/23/2012 -- BEAMS

Last night was great success for overnight team. Make many beams, is good quality!

Ahem...yeah, so apparently last night went pretty well! This morning I came in and climbed the water tower to bring the source down while Franky did some noise tests. I ended up accidentally unplugging some of the lighthouse lights, so I had to climb the water tower again in the afternoon to fix that (loose cables). Franky warmed the focal plane to recover the wafers for one of the crates that overheated yesterday, and it is now cooling so as to be ready for more scans tonight. The agenda tonight is to the first attempt at our absolute polarization rotation measurement.

In comings and goings, this morning Amber and Britt headed back to New York while Michele is being picked up by KyleH at the airport. And, sadly (for you!), I'm taking a break from Palestine for a little while, so the updates will pause here until I return.

I don't have any EBEX pictures today, but I took a couple more BLAST and SuperTIGER pictures, which you can see in their respective albums:

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  1. I saw the news articles, of course, but I didn't realize it was you guys until I wandered by Stratocat. Glad everything is progressing apace now--good luck!


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