Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 52, 7/18/2012 -- Water tower scans soon

We are putting the final pieces in place before we are able to start taking calibration measurements with the integrated system.

Jeff and I took a look at the millimeter wave source we use to do a variety of calibration measurements; we were able to couple it to a function generator in order to do time detector constant tests over the full range of frequencies we want to measure. After the time constant tests, the source will then be placed atop the CSBF water tower and aimed down at the high bay and we'll start doing beam maps and our absolute polarization angle calibration. To that end, I also worked out the coordination with Verizon Wireless that they would turn down their cell phone transmitter at our request for the next 3 weeks in the late night/early morning so we can take data without seeing the interference from the tower.

I also managed to route the final dryer hose (containing the cryostat housekeeping signals) into position, and Kyle finished the securing and cable connections. Kyle and Britt also worked all day on checking the system grounding and ensuring the bolo and ACS systems weren't inadvertently shorted together. Britt also did a lot of work on the power system to get it ready to run off batteries when we need to.

Franky spent the day working with the SQUIDs -- the first detector system work that's been done since moving the cryostat to the gondola.


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