Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 42, 5/6/09 -- 40 days in the wilderness, now with snakes and explosions!

Well, today certainly was an exciting day. Early in the day, Jeff saw a snake in the high bay. I thought it was cute, but it freaked Jeff out a bit. He started looking up snakes to try and figure out if it was poisonous but had no luck. Maybe one of my readers knows?

FIREBall had their compatibility test today, where CSBF makes sure that none of the science equipment interferes with their stuff. They will probably declare their flight readiness in a day or two.
During their compatibility test, we heard (and felt) a big BOOM -- it turns out that one of the FIREBall guys was hooking up some batteries from CREST and accidentally shorted them. The battery box started hissing, so he took it outside and set it on the ground where it exploded in spectacular fashion. There were pieces of the box and cells from the battery distributed over 200 feet apart. Luckily no one was hurt and no equipment was damaged.

Tonight was also the first clear night we've had in a while, so both us and FIREBall went outside to hang anddo some tests (for us, mostly pointing-related). I just got home at about 4AM, but some of the crew is still there.



  1. Hard to tell since you didn't get a good look at him, but while your snake could possibly be a juvenile diamondback, it's much more likely to be a gopher or desert glossy snake, both of which are non-venomous.

  2. next time get a better pic of the head but from here i agree non venomous or rear fanged either way you will live.
    When does britty come back to nyc?
    hope all is well

  3. ps
    with a name like FIREBall what did you expect?


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