Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 60, 5/24/09 -- Working pivot, broken cherry picker

Well, the title basically sums up the entire state of affairs in the high bay today. Will did some pivot tests today and everything is basically working fine.

The big failure of today (because there's always one, right?) was of our cherry picker, a JLG E300AJP boom lift. After Will used it to do some pivot motor diagnostics, it basically just...stopped working. While in the middle of the high bay doorway. We spent a few hours poking around, trying to figure out what was going on, noticing a flashing error code on the unit, trying to find a service manual, etc., etc. We ended up calling United Rentals, from whence we rented the unit, and they actually had a guy drive out to Fort Sumner....from Santa Fe. On a Sunday night. On Memorial Day weekend.

He showed up at about 10PM, poked around a little, plugged in a diagnostic tool into the port in the lift, and poked around a little more. Eventually he got it to go out the door, but it now only goes in one direction, with one speed (FAST), and it doesn't stop. This, as you might imagine, is less than useful. It remains to be seen how we can work around not having this lift -- it basically gets used every day for at least an hour, if not more. It's going to be difficult to have to use a less-flexible lifting system.

In other news, we had another flight simulation at the end of the day. Unlike last time, it was NOT a total disaster, though it was by no means perfect. Still, we're getting there.

Pictures for today:

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