Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 65, 5/29/09 -- The ennui of readiness

I'm going to just come out and say it: Today was boring. And that is precisely what makes it so fantastic. People were, for the most part, just either doing nothing (like me...well, I was reading a book) or doing very minor work. Today's flight sim went smoothly. Not perfect, but well-enough.

We're ready.

It looks like the downrange weather is getting a little better, so it's likely that FIREBall will take the next launch opportunity.

Various people have left: Ilan and Dan have both left for Minneapolis earlier (Ilan a few days ago, Dan yesterday). Shaul left today to spend the weekend at home as well. All are planning to be back soon-ish.

Because so many UMN people have left at different times, we've been experiencing a serious shortage of cars. Shaul arranged for us to rent a couple of cars from Clovis, so Britt, Michele, Jeff, and I drove out there. Jeff and I drove the new rentals back (a red Chevy Cobalt and a white Mazda3) while Britt and Michele ran some errands and procured Thai food for the rest of the group. After our flight sim, we went back to Britt, Michele, and Will's rental house, ate the Thai food, and watched Ghost Town using our LCD projector and a white sheet for a screen. It was a nice, relaxing evening after a nice, relaxing day at the high bay.

No pictures today; sorry Daniel's mom.

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  1. Not only is Daniel's Mom watching you guys but Seth's Mom is also enjoying the pictures and commentary! Many Thanks Asad for bringing EBEX alive for us non-physics northern MN gardeners - I understand and appreciate more now than ever before - pictures really do say a thousand words - here's hoping for fair weather and following seas for all concerned


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