Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 54, 5/18/09 -- Loose ends

Most of today was spent doing miscellaneous things on the gondola. The ACS crew investigated the oddness with the gyros and are reverting back to an old, less-redundant configuration since two out of our six gyros are wonky.

Jeff did some work on the baffles, covering some seams, and I did some work on the cryostat. Seth from Columbia fixed an issue which we were having with our disk pressure vessels and flight control program, and Milligan has fixed our detector algorithm manager so Hannes and Fran├žois were able to get detectors tuned today in about a half an hour rather than half a day. All in all, good progress all around.

Tonight, the pointing team is going outside to attempt some scan tests.

NCT, which launched yesterday, managed to get a 37 hour flight! They would have terminated earlier, but they were over inhospitable terrain so it was delayed for quite a while. 37 hours might be a record for a flight from Fort Sumner. I found out today that Eric from the NCT team has a blog up at

No pictures from today, but Milligan gave me some nice panoramas from the NCT launch yesterday which I put up in the NCT launch album at:

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