Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 47, 5/11/09 -- If it's not deadly, you're not trying hard enough

Today was a busy day:

- The Mini-SIP, the NASA electronics package, was installed
- Jeff and Dan nearly finished the primary mirror 'scoop' baffles, and now it looks even bigger than before.
- Ilan and Shaul found a wiring issue with our LED calibrator, and we're trying to devise a workaround
- I prepared some of our outer baffles for a test fit tomorrow and got our 'champagne bucket' window baffle ready for a test fit
- Shaul modified our low-temperature readout boards for better linearity
- Late last night, Will did tests and settled on the final configuration for our garage door springs -- which I now have pictures of!

But the big news is that we are rapidly approaching 'turnaround' high-altitude wind conditions. The NASA crew have started doing flight projections for FIREBall, since they will likely be up first. Right now we are aiming to do our compatibility test on Thursday if the weather is reasonable and declare our flight readiness on Friday. As such, the next few days the posting may be a little light.

We also saw some more local fauna today -- a little frog and a big spider. Check 'em out in the pictures:

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