Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 44, 5/8/09 -- An angel gets its wings

Jeff and I (along with occasional help from others) put the big sunshade baffle ears up. They're big. And shiny. And threaten to fall over if you look at them wrong. Launch should be fun.

I also had pretty much the most terrifying half hour of my life, standing/kneeling/crawling on top of the gondola drilling holes to attach one of the support bars for the aforementioned sunshade ears. Sure, I was in a safety harness and was clipped in, but I really didn't want to slip.

Other people did stuff today, but, honestly, it wasn't ginormous foam-and-mylar ears, so it's really not that important. Also, Shaul showed up again. Now he's here permanently until the end of the campaign.


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