Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 64, 5/28/09 -- I'm waiting for the day

Today was a pretty relaxed day. Britt fixed the issue with the ACS card not reading correctly (burnt regulator), Will did a lot of tests of the motor control box, Jeff and I filled liquid helium, and I cycled the fridges.

We're still not flying. We still have thunderstorms off to our west which will bring our altitude down significantly overnight. The meteorologists tell us this weather pattern is starting to clear out, and will be improved by Sunday. Until

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  1. A random visitor here, just saying thanks, Asad, for an interesting and entertaining blog. I don't have anything to do with ballooning or physics (I'm an EE) - stumbled here by chance after a Google search.

    My friend Dave has a ranch 80 miles from Ft. Sumner, he sees the balloons overhead occasionally. We were wondering what goes on over there at the CSBF... well, now we know. Good luck with your launch.


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