Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 10, November 3, 2012 -- Closed and pumping!

Another productive day in the high bay. The biggest news, in my opinion, is that the cryostat is closed and we are in the process of pumping most of the air out of it. This is a big milestone, and we encountered no major problems, which is encouraging! Kyle and I ended up needing to stay a little later than the shuttle bus runs, so we arranged for Dave Sullivan, the CSBF Antarctic operations manager, to drive back a bit later in one of the NSF vans to pick us up.

Chappy got the second star camera closed up, Michele finished all of the modifications to the flight computer, and our detector readout hardware arrived from Montreal, so Franky and Jeff spent some time unpacking and setting it up.

In addition, Shaul arrived late yesterday from Minnesota, so he spent his first full day here in Antarctica today.

Pictures (mostly EBEX hardware):

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