Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 22, November 15, 2012 -- Grab bag o' science

The cryostat continues to cool internally, not yet ready for liquid helium, so we busied ourselves with various other tasks to try and get ahead as much as possible. In the morning, we lifted up the cryostat and supported it with jackstands so Kyle and Jeff could install the SQUID controller boards and RF shielding can on the bottom of the cryostat. Because this high bay has only one crane, using it to lift the cryostat meant that we couldn't suspend the gondola, so Michele took the opportunity to work on the battery mounting tables and I got to work covering the BRO crates with silver teflon tape.

Kyle and Jeff finished with the SQUID controllers and the associated cabling early in the afternoon, after which we relinquished the crane so Chappy and Joy could do scan tests with the gondola. I continued silver teflon application on some other flat panels we had sitting on the ground, and Andrei, KyleH, and Jeff started the process of covering the baffle structure in mylar.


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