Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 25, November 18, 2012 -- Cryostat, meet gondola

Another very productive day in Payload 1 at the LDB Camp. The big bit of progress is that we now have the cryostat on the gondola, meaning a whole slew of work can now proceed. Shaul has already started on the mirror alignment process, and we plan on continuing that tomorrow. The cryostat's rate of helium usage is decreasing now as well, which is convenient since it's now quite a bit more difficult to fill with the cryostat on the gondola. Now with the cryostat on the gondola, we have more space in the high bay so baffle mylarizing can proceed much more easily.

Jeff also started rebuilding his half-wave plate electronics crate to add some additional heatsinking hardware. As part of this process, he had to machine a couple of parts, which meant working in CSBF's makeshift machine shop, a Smithy combination mill/lathe in an unheated shipping container. After wrestling with the machine for a little while, Jeff finally prevailed and now has all the parts ready for rebuilding.

Back in the high bay, I continued with silver teflon application on the BROs while Franky and Matt started work on connecting the detector readout cabling to the DfMUX boards, threading the cables through their metallic 'dryer hose' sheaths and attaching them to their designated BROs.


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