Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 11, November 4, 2012 -- In like Flynn

After pumping overnight with on our vacuum roughing pump, we set up the cryostat today to pump with our two turbomolecular pumps to prepare the cryostat for cooling in the next few days. In the process, I cleaned up a bit and rearranged things in the high bay to prepare for moving the gondola inner frame, which had heretofore been languishing in its shipping container out on the ice, into the high bay.

In the afternoon, Michele, Shaul, and I went out into the cold to bring in some of the stuff that was in the way of the inner frame in the shipping container. Then we got help from CSBF to get it on a forklift and bring it over to the high bay.

In the meantime, Britt and Seth moved the ACS and flight computer over to near where Franky has the BROs set up so they can do some software testing with the BROs.


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