Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 33, November 26, 2012 -- Milestones

A few milestones that I just noticed: Today marks one month on the ice for the EBEX team, and it has been awesome seeing the progress we've made in that time. Also, this blog passed 20,000 total pageviews some time yesterday (which counts from back in 2009, our Ft. Sumner test flight campaign).

Big news: our fridge cycle worked successfully completely autonomously, which means Kyle can finally get some real sleep and then get back on the day shift.

Otherwise, a lot of activity around the high bay today, as usual these days. KyleH and I did some foam cutting and mylarization for some of the baffling panels that we are waiting to install so people will have access to things on the inner frame. Britt routed some thermometers around on the gondola, I routed the GPS cables along the BTS structure, Shaul worked on mylarizing our synthetic suspension ropes to protect them from sunlight, and Andrei and Michele continued the LCS work. Seth and the CSBF crew spent a large part of the afternoon debugging communications/telemetry issues.


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