Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 12, November 5, 2012 -- Hut Point

A lot of activity in the high bay today -- Michele and I started populating the inner frame with hardware, Britt buttoned up the ACS for the (hopefully) final time, Franky and Jeff worked on various DfMUX-related issues, and the CSBF crew installed the SIP on the EBEX gondola. We also did a first, rough, leak check on the EBEX cryostat and found no evidence for leaks -- hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to do a more sensitive test. In addition, a few of us had light vehicle driver training, so we are now qualified to drive the NSF red vans in case we need to make trips to/from the high bay outside of the regular shuttle hours. We took the opportunity to drive one of the vans back to McMurdo from LDB at the day's end, which was much faster than taking Ivan The Terra Bus.

After dinner, a fair number of us took a trip out to Hut Point to check it out. Not only is the view from there amazing, with vast vistas stretching out across the ice shelf, there are also seals! Weddell seals, to be specific, which are the only Antarctic seal species to hang out on solid sea ice rather than broken-up pack ice (as we learned during the Sunday night science lecture). There were even some pups!


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