Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 31, November 24, 2012 -- I'm finding it hard to come up with interesting titles!

Overnight, Kyle successfully cycled both our fridges and they have achieved near-nominal performance. This bodes well for the fridge performance during flight.

During the day, we had the CSBF telemetry crew come in and install their cables and antennas on the BTS, which required us to lay the entire 24-foot-tall structure on the floor of the high bay. It just barely fit, and we actually had to first move the gondola outside the door in order to lay the BTS down before bringing the gondola back in and closing the doors. Once the CSBF team started working, KyleH, Jeff, and I continued our work on the inner frame baffling. Jeff and KyleH took the lead on assembling the 'stairstep' baffle structure around the secondary mirror while I put the finishing touches on the sheet metal pieces I made yesterday (a couple holes, a little paint, etc). We then installed everything on the telescope, increasing the experiment's shininess level by about a factor of two.


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