Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 36, November 29, 2012 -- Hut

After yesterday's successful outdoor tests, we set about today to address some issues that we either put off in order to focus on the outdoor test or learned as a result of yesterday's test. In the former category, Jeff and KyleH mounted the BRO power filter boxes, I finished taping the corners of the foam scoop ground shield, and Andrei and Michele continued their work on the LCS, ferreting out a few minor but insistent leaks. In the latter category, we made some panels in the BTS to allow access to the flight computer and ACS, and I moved CSBF's GPS antennas from the rear to the front of the antenna bar to allow some more clearance to the crane to make it easier to roll out. In addition, Kyle, Jeff, Shaul, and myself had a discussion about how to do one of our upcoming calibration tests.

Elsewhere at the LDB camp, SuperTIGER did their compatibility test today, which means they are basically flight ready. The launch season can open as early as Dec. 5, so now it's just a waiting game for them. At the same time, BLAST went out to the dance floor to continue their sensor calibration.

In the evening, eight of us went to Discovery Hut, the hut that Captain Robert Scott built during one of his first expeditions to Antarctica. While it wasn't very useful as a living place, due to it being designed for the Australian outback and extremely cold inside, it was used by various expeditions in the early 1900's and still contains 100-year old provisions and seal carcasses along with (non-viable) anthrax spores in the hay they brought for their ponies. Pretty neat.


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