Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 32, November 25, 2012 -- Scooped!

After last night's Thanksgiving festivities, a bunch of us decided to come in at noon instead of the normal 8AM. Once we got in to the high bay, KyleH, Jeff, and I proceeded to mount up the biggest panels on the inner frame baffling, the "scoop". Made of Dow Corning blue Styrofoam and covered in aluminized mylar. Once in place, we started the arduous process of taping down all the seams -- and since the scoop is held on solely by tape, this is very important!

In the meanwhile, Michele and Andrei started connecting the plumbing for the LCS radiator panels. Britt was doing miscellaneous gondola work, tying down cables and whatnot, Shaul started applying silver teflon to the cryostat RF can.



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